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The VELO Detector Control System allows the user to control several hardware components of the VELO detector: it includes the Low Voltage system, the Temperature system, the Interlocks system, the Cooling system, the Vacuum system and the Motion system. The DCS project runs on vedcs01w (windows) under the velo_user account.

How to operate the VELO DCS

  • Log on to a Windows console in the online network (LHCb domain).
  • Open the following directory: G:\online\ecs\Shortcuts\VELO
  • Double click on VEECS1_UI_FSM. The following panel will pop up:

  • Right click on VELO to get the VELO ECS top panel. In this panel you find the list of sub-systems: if the VELO_DCS sub-system is not included, click on the corresponding padlock and choose take.
  • Click on VELO_DCS: the following panel will pop-up:


  • Click on VELOA(C)_DCS: the following panel will pop-up (N.B. At the moment, only the Low Voltage system and the Temparature System are included):


  • The above panel shows all the systems included in the VELO DCS (see this section)

VELO DCS sub-systems

  • VELOA(C)_DCS_LV: controls for the Low Voltage system. Instructions can be found here.
  • VELOA(C)_DCS_TB: controls for the Temperature system (instructions here) and the Interlocks system (instructions here) .
  • to be defined: controls for the Cooling system. Instructions can be found here.
  • to be defined: controls for the Vacuum system. Instructions can be found here.
  • to be defined: controls for the Motion system. Instructions can be found here.

-- StefanoDeCapua - 08 Aug 2008

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