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VELO Testbeam 2008

Coordinated by Marina Artuso
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  Documents related to analysis of the data collected in June 2008


Documents related to beam loss scenarios and zapping tests carried out by other collaborations

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META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="VELO_TESTBEAM_SETUP_SKETCH_080430.ppt" attr="" comment="" date="1210688910" name="VELO_TESTBEAM_SETUP_SKETCH_080430.ppt" path="VELO TESTBEAM SETUP SKETCH 080430.ppt" size="220672" stream="VELO TESTBEAM SETUP SKETCH 080430.ppt" user="Main.GwenaelleLefeuvre" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="Hardware_needs_080528.xls" attr="" comment="" date="1212002677" name="Hardware_needs_080528.xls" path="Hardware_needs_080528.xls" size="30208" stream="Hardware_needs_080528.xls" user="Main.GwenaelleLefeuvre" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="summary-datafiles.xls" attr="" comment="summary of data taken during FNAL test beam run on June 2008" date="1215504160" name="summary-datafiles.xls" path="summary-datafiles.xls" size="60928" stream="summary-datafiles.xls" user="Main.MarinaArtuso" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="summary_datafiles.html" attr="" comment="" date="1215528465" name="summary_datafiles.html" path="summary_datafiles.html" size="71255" stream="summary_datafiles.html" user="Main.KarolHennessy" version="1"
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