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META TOPICPARENT name="AlexanderBernegger"

ADFS Addon Development

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  • Restricting VIEW blocks viewing and searching of content. When you restric VIEW to a topic or web, this also restricts INCLUDE and Formatted SEARCH from showing the content of the topics.
  • Restricting CHANGE blocks creating new topics, changing topics or attaching files.
ALERT! Attention: Restricting a whole WEB from viewing for a certain group also restricts Guests from viewing!!
 ALERT! Important: Protecting pages by using ADFS groups is case insensitive, but requires strict matching! Be sure to write the group name correct. In case, no warning will appear and you might restrict yourself, if misspelled.

ALERT! Attention: Group has to be written entirely. e.g only "IT" out of IT-DEP-DES causes no protection.

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