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SUS-15-009: Search for natural GMSB in events with top quark pairs and photons (8 TeV)

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ARC review


Manfred Paulini on PAS v4:

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A few remaining minor comments on PAS SUS-15-009, V4, dated 2016/10/09:

- l 20: semileptonic mode --> semileptonic decay mode [just to be clear what mode we talk about]

- l 55: pseudo-rapidity --> pseudorapidity [no hyphen, one word]

- l 109: remove "the presence of a semileptonic tt decay is expected to be a much larger effect on the ETmiss reso1ution than the photon energy resolution" [editing left-over]

- l 128: in each channel, so the --> in each channel, and the or statt a new sentence: -->

in each channel. The first step ... [the use of 'so' doesn't sound good to me ...]

- l 135: number of Z bosons, the Z boson resonance in --> number of Z bosons, the Z resonance in [I would not repeat boson again ...]

- l 198: there is still a M_stop where stop is not capitalized to M_Stop

- Ref. [13]: thanks, I meant [13] but sent you the bibtex for Ref. [14]

All changed.


Manfred Paulini on PAS v3:


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