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 What is new, is that CLs exclusion value are available at 4.05, 4.1, and 4.2 TeV.


Continue CLs line out to 4.1TeV. This shows the crossover, and should satisfy the reader looking for physics. For the statistics aficionado, the presence of an exclusion at 4.2 is interesting, but it would be difficult to communicate this visually in the graph, and it would be distracting from the main results of the paper. Presumably this information will be made public in a table format for such needs. Given such a presentation, it is not clear that any additional text is required. In short - as far as can be shown with our tools this is a plain-vanilla CLs situation, and it should be shown as such.

Updated results during CWR

Generated an obscene amount of additional PDSs...

Updated results during CWR (30th of September)

Generated an obscene amount of additional PDSs...


  • Added statistical uncertainties on the CLs values.
    • Since the # of PDS ($N$) is predetermined, the uncertainties on CLb and CLsb are (independent) binomial efficiency problems. I use the usual approximation of putting in the observed efficiency ($p=A/N$, where $A$ is the number of PDSs below the LLR value). This gives an uncertainty on the relevant fraction ($f$, either CLb or CLsb) of $\sigma_f = f \sqrt{ \frac{1}{A}-\frac{1}{N}}$.
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