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AMS-02 Silicon Tracker TWiki

The 9 layers of double-sided microstrip detectors of the AMS-02 Silicon Tracker, placed inside and outside the AMS-02 magnet bore, provide charged particle traversing position with an accuracy of about 10 microns on the curvature direction. From the coordinate measurements the particle momentum and charge sign can be reconstructed up to high energies, for a maximum detectable rigidity of approximately 2 TV/c. The Tracker is thermally stabilized by the Tracker Thermal Control System, the TTCS. The TTCS is a two phases cooling system used to remove the 2000W produced by Tracker. If you want a short introduction on the Tracker and TTCS system you can find it here. In this TWiki you will find a description of the Tracker and all the necessary steps needed to operate and check the system.

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  1. Tracker Shifter's Guide (General Infos)
  2. Tracker Shifter's Guide (Instructions) (.ppt)
  1. Tracker Configurations with TTCS OFF (pdf) (.ppt)
  1. Tracker Checklist
  2. Important events
  3. Tests with TTCS off
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