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Andrew's Trig Photon Work Log

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TrigL2Photon Changes

Problem: TrigL2PhotonFex uses the FexAlgo::acceptInput method which "pre-selects" TrigEMClusters that produce TrigPhotons. This has the following effects:
  • TriggerElements that contain TrigEMClusters that fail the pre-selection do not get de-activated (only Hypo's can de-activate a TE), so we get left with active TE's that have no outputTE * the pre-selection cuts do not get monitored (because they are in the Fex) * it is an unnecessary difference between electrons and photons

Solution: Split TrigL2PhotonFex into TrigL2CaloHypo and TrigL2PhotonFex. Now, the photon slice is using the same TrigL2CaloHypo code as the electrons, obviously, different configurations are possible (i.e. L2CaloHypo_gX)

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