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On the grid using PANDA run

for prun (Version: 0.2.96 or higher)

  • You may want to use the scripts/runTop.sh if you need to submit jobs in a batch (several dataset containers). Just copy this script to your test area and type in ./runTop.sh for help.
  • setup your testarea. same area you are using to test topuser locally will suffice for grid submission
  • setup panda. see here for for setup
  • check to make sure you are using a recent prun version using: prun --version
  • create a link to runDPD.py in your testarea
    ln -s Institutes/Arizona/DPDAnalysis/core/share/runDPD.py runDPD.py
  • compile all packages using cmt (must do before job submission)
    cd Institutes/Arizona/DPDAnalysis/topuser/cmt; cmt bro make; cd -;
  • submit job using prun (modify your user name and --inDS and --outDS accordingy)
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