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Backup triggers to SSDL tau analysis triggers in 5e33 menu

Rates for the MET dataset triggers are evaluated using run 165970 (1e33) scaled to 5e33.

Path Name L1 condition L1 Prescale HLT Prescale HLT Rate [Hz] Total Rate [Hz] Avg. Size [MB] Total Throughput [MB/s]
OpenHLT_PFMHT50_Ele5_CaloIdVL_CaloIsoVL_TrkIdVL_TrkIsoVL L1_ETM30 1 1 0.90+-0.03 0.90 0.15 0.14
OpenHLT_PFMHT50_Mu5 L1_ETM30 1 1 2.27+-0.05 3.08 0.15 0.46
OpenHLT_PFMHT50_DoubleIsoPFTau10_Trk3 L1_ETM30 1 1 5.25+-0.07 7.32 0.15 1.10
Total Rate (AlCa not included) [Hz] Throughput (AlCa included) [MB/s]
HLT 7.32+-0.09 1.10+-0.01
 Rates of proposed control triggers taken from run 163374 (5e32) scaled to 5e33. As expected we see an increase in the rate with respect to those found from run 170354 (looser events in the ntuple).:


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