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-- AstridVauthier - 2015-09-01

21 October 2016

Procedure to merge MC properly:

  • see in /Users/vauthier/Documents/These/AnalyseGHCorr_pp_2014/Input/ChargedNeutral_NotLeading_MyAOD/simu
  • launch ScalePtHardBinForAllRun.sh: it will execute extractScaleXXPerRun.sh for each run. extractScaleXXPerRun.sh take each pT hard bin for a given run number and merge all scaled pT hard bin root file into one root file.
  • Merge all one run scaled root file created with extractScaleXXPerRun.sh to obtain the final root file

Train launched on the grid pp_MC_AOD with smearing pp_AOD LHC11c


25 July 2016

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