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META TOPICPARENT name="AndresPacheco"
<!-- This is the default ATLAS template. 
Please modify it in the sections indicated to create your topic! In particular, notice that at the bottom there are some sections that must be filled for publicly accessible pages.
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Acceptance Results with ErrorCode!=0:

  • run44-RTT-HeavyIon (ATH_JOP_NOTFOUND)
    • csc_recoESD: IncludeError: include file HIJetRec/HIJetRec_jobOptions.py can not be found
    • csc_recoESD: IncludeError: include file HIJetRec/HIJetRecOutputESDList_jobOptions.py can not be found
    • Bug opened: 43101 (43102)
    • csc_recoESD: HIJet_CBNTAA_CumCaloCells_AvgCellBkgrSubtr fails because Could not retrieve
  • bug09-recojob18180383event4 (TRF_SEGFAULT-FIXED)
    • csc_BSrecoESD: Segmentation fault in libTrigmuComb.so < libTrigInterfacesLib.so < libTrigSteeringLib.so
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