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Cheatsheet: CMSSW Analysis a la Framework

An unofficial information dump page for CMSSW. In below there's older and newer information together, I tried to separate them whenever I can.
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  "keep *_genEventScale_*_*", "keep *_genEventProcID_*_*", "keep *_csa07EventWeightProducer_*_*"}

Possibly Useful Files/Paths:

  • CSA07 Soups:
    • gumbo: /castor/cern.ch/cms/store/mc/2007/11/6/CSA07-CSA07AllEvents-Tier0-A1-Gumbo/0083/00147629-2D91-DC11-B7DD-001617C3B710.root
    • chowder all events: /CSA07AllEvents/CMSSW_1_6_7-CSA07-Tier0-A3-Chowder/RECO


  • Keep your buildfiles as clean as possible. Smaller buildfiles, faster compiles.
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