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Search for Exotics Particles

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Camilo's Kaluza Klein taus MC

This is Camilo's KK taus configuration file for MC production (done by him at the UniAndes Tier-3): kktaugen.py.txt

The event generator used was Comphep as it can be seen in the following fragment. Pythia was used for the hadronization:

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process.source = cms.Source("ComphepSource",
    pythiaPylistVerbosity = cms.untracked.int32(0),
    pythiaHepMCVerbosity = cms.untracked.bool(False),
    fileNames = cms.untracked.vstring('file:/uscms_data/d2/jchen/KKlepton/Mixedevts23958_kktau300_10TeV_trick.PEV'),
    process = cms.untracked.string('p1,p1 -> ~l2,~L2'),
    CompHEPFirstEvent = cms.int32(1),
    crossSection = cms.untracked.double(0.02),
    getInputFromMCDB = cms.untracked.bool(False),
    maxEventsToPrint = cms.untracked.int32(1),
    MCDBArticleID = cms.int32(0),
    PythiaParameters = cms.PSet(
        parameterSets = cms.vstring('pythiaUESettings','pythia'),
        pythiaUESettings = cms.vstring('MSTJ(11)=3     ! Choice of the fragmentation function', 
                'MSTJ(22)=2     ! Decay those unstable particles', 
                'PARJ(71)=10 .  ! for which ctau  10 mm', 
                'MSTP(2)=1      ! which order running alphaS', 
                'MSTP(33)=0     ! no K factors in hard cross sections', 
                'MSTP(51)=7     ! structure function chosen cteq5l', 
                'MSTP(81)=1     ! multiple parton interactions 1 is Pythia default', 
                'MSTP(82)=4     ! Defines the multi-parton model', 
                'MSTU(21)=1     ! Check on possible errors during program execution', 
                'PARP(82)=1.8387   ! pt cutoff for multiparton interactions', 
                'PARP(89)=1960. ! sqrts for which PARP82 is set', 
                'PARP(83)=0.5   ! Multiple interactions: matter distrbn parameter', 
                'PARP(84)=0.4   ! Multiple interactions: matter distribution parameter', 
                'PARP(90)=0.16  ! Multiple interactions: rescaling power', 
                'PARP(67)=2.5    ! amount of initial-state radiation', 
                'PARP(85)=1.0  ! gluon prod. mechanism in MI', 
                'PARP(86)=1.0  ! gluon prod. mechanism in MI', 
                'PARP(62)=1.25   ! ', 
                'PARP(64)=0.2    ! ', 
                'MSTP(91)=1     !', 
                'PARP(91)=2.1   ! kt distribution', 
                'PARP(93)=15.0  ! '),
         pythia = cms.vstring('MSEL=0 !(D=2)', 'MDCY(C2000015,1) = 0 !L2 does not decay')        
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Jobs were submitted from CERN using the following configuration file for CRAB: crabSuceedUniandes.cfg

META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="kktaugen.py.txt" attr="" comment="configuration file for event generation" date="1234888261" name="kktaugen.py.txt" path="kktaugen.py" size="4619" stream="kktaugen.py" user="Main.AndresOsorio" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="crabSuceedUniandes.cfg" attr="" comment="crab configuration file" date="1234888476" name="crabSuceedUniandes.cfg" path="crabSuceedUniandes.cfg" size="3658" stream="crabSuceedUniandes.cfg" user="Main.AndresOsorio" version="1"

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META TOPICPARENT name="CMSUniandesGroup"

Search for Exotics Particles

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