Difference: CSCOfflineAnalysisTools (15 vs. 16)

Revision 162018-01-31 - StefanRaimundMaschek

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META TOPICPARENT name="KalliopiIordanidou"
Line: 353 to 353
 git fetch upstream git checkout -b CSCntuple release/21.0.37 --no-track git atlas addpkg CscSegmentMakers MuonRIO_OnTrack MuonSegment MuonRecHelperTools MuonCalibITools CscClusterization
echo '- athena/Projects/.*' > build/package_filters.txt
echo '- athena/Projects/.*' > ../build/package_filters.txt
 git clone https://gitlab.cern.ch/smaschek/CSCntuple # My fork of the official package, but with a CMakeList.txt cd ${testdir}/build/ asetup 21.0.37,here,Athena
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