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META TOPICPARENT name="CernLbdDiskSpace"


This is the LHCb CERN LBD group page describing the management of locally available disk space

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  e.g. <user-or-group> cern:z5
Since directories created within a parent directory inherit the parent's permissions, one quick way to apply permissions to subdirectories is to temporarily rename them, then copy them recursively.
mv /afs/cern.ch/project/lbcern/vol*/<user>/<something> /afs/cern.ch/project/lbcern/vol*/<user>/_tmp
cp -r /afs/cern.ch/project/lbcern/vol*/<user>/_tmp /afs/cern.ch/project/lbcern/vol*/<user>/<something>


There are two types of files which can be on the lhcbt3: user files, and central files.

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