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This is the LHCb CERN LBD group page describing locally available disk space

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  Yes, this should be possible. You should have admin rights on your own directory, call fs listacl. If not, contact RobLambert to fix. Then you should be able to modify your directories to be readable or writable by others, but note that if you make them writable by others, anything they write will count against your usage.
To modify the access list you will need to do fs setacl <directory> <user or group> <setting>
To modify the access list you will need to do fs setacl <directory> <user or group> <setting>, e.g. fs setacl mydirectory myfreindbob read
  Once you have modified a top level directory, you will need to propagate it to all sub directories where you want that access. To do that a simple way is cp -r since new directories use new permissions, but if that is not possible you will have to recursively change all the permissions for example:
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