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Top Issues in ROOT and CMSSW I/O

These refer to pure I/O, and ignore the issues in the serialization/deserialization of CMS data structures.
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  1. Don't reset learning in multicore mode for every event skip.
  2. Ability to add all branches to TTreeCache from config file. Note: with the exception of the high-latency case, there's almost no standard use case where reading the whole event doesn't make sense.
  3. Ability to manually set the flush interval for RECO/AOD tiers. Will help mitigate the fast merge issues for these files.
  1. Repeat all improvements for FWLite.
  1. Double-buffering in TTreeCache (under development by CERN).
  2. Use TTreeCache-based I/O in fast merge.
  3. Fix statistics for native ROOT plugins.
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