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Ordering Coffee for the GS Group's Coffee Machine

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Ordering List

Order No 5: Will close on Tuesday 10 November (after the group meeting)


This order is open


This order is closed (800 capsules ordered. Delivery expected for next Tuesday 17/11/2009)

  Add your name to the list.
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Name Intensity Marketing Hype
Pure Origin Varieties
Special Club 2009 - Singatoba 8 This Blue Batak Arabica from Sumatra is a full-bodied espresso revealing both fruity, slightly acidic notes and sweet woody aromas.
Indriya from India 10 This full-bodied espresso is a blend of Arabica and Robusta from Southern India. Its sustained but quick roasting balances its strong character, bringing out cocoa notes and spicy notes of cloves, pepper and nutmeg.
Rosabaya de Colombia 6 From a soft base, this blend of Colombian Arabicas reveals typical notes of red fruit jam reminiscent of winey flavours. Grown on small Colombian plantations, the coffee is hand-picked and prepared using the wet method. Split roasting accentuates the fruity notes and acidity whilst bringing body to the coffee.
Dulsão do Brasil 5 With its sweet notes of cereal, malt, honey and maple syrup, Dulsão do Brasil’s combination of separately roasted yellow and red Brazilian Bourbon coffees forms a roundness on the palate. These varieties are treated with the semi-dry method so that the pulp from the coffee cherry adds sweetness to the coffee bean.
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