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Welcome to my analysis issues page. Here I've posted some of the issues I'm looking at and some of the questions I have. Feel free to leave comments if you have any.
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    • AND ≥ 3 Jets with pT > 40 GeV
  • Trigger: EF_e25i_loose

Trigger Decision

I used the isPhysicsPassed() method of the TrigDecisionTool to get a yes/no answer in each event for each trigger of interest.

Event Selection Efficiencies

I've duplicated the efficiency calculations for the various event selection criteria listed above. Each column contains the efficiency for events in the tt->benubqq MC subset to pass the indicated event selection criterion. The final column represents a logical AND of the five selection criteria. I'm seeing a marked reduction in the efficiency of the EF_e25i_loose trigger (which I take to be the closest to the CSC note's e25i trigger) which I do not understand. There is no matching done of the object which fires the trigger to either truth objects or objects reconstructed by the offline algorithms; this is simply the efficiency for the event to pass the EF_e25i_loose trigger in whatever way it pleases.
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