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 14th Jan 2014 Fabio Martinelli: This is my personal experience with the triple [ SLAC Xrootd, gPlazma2 and dcache-2.6.19-1 ] and it was not approved by CMS, it simply worked for me and I thought it was worth to report my experiences here ( it took me a day of tests ).


The dCache 2.6 Admin can avoid to manage both a gPlazma1 and a gPlazma2 configuration and simply use the gPlazma2 cell also for the dCache Xrootd cell; to achieve that I did the following configurations; be aware that writes by xrootd are not allowed because of the empty list xrootdAllowedWritePaths=

The Xrootd service requires /pnfs

The Xrootd service strictly requires the mount point /pnfs to find the /pnfs files ( the dCache services don't need it instead ) More... Close
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# mount | grep pnfs
dcachedb:/pnfs on /pnfs type nfs (ro,nolock,intr,noac,hard,nfsvers=3,addr=XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX)

Xrootd conf

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[root@t3se02 dcache]# grep -v \# /etc/xrootd/xrootd-clustered.cfg | tr -s '\n'
xrd.port 1095
all.role server

all.manager xrootd.ba.infn.it:1213
all.manager any xrootd-cms.infn.it+ 1213
 xrootd.redirect t3se02.psi.ch:1094 / all.export / nostage readonly cms.allow host *
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