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 It will only take a few minutes.

Running PDF Uncertainty (Expert Only)

This is an abridged set of steps taken from the LHAPDF installation page which can be found (here). It is assumed that one already has access to all of the various PDF sets (CT10, MSTW, NNPDF) such that they can simply be copied over. The base directory (the full path to the location of your particular version of the trunk or tagged version of the code) will be assumed to be baseDir (change this to whatever you use!). All other standard ROOT, asetup steps are assumed to have been done prior to this point. The steps to then be able to obtain the PDF systematic are given as follows:

  • 1. Copy over the tarred file containing the LHAPDF source code, untar in baseDir directory and move to the newly created LHAPDF-6.1.4 directory:
      * cd <full path to baseDir>
      * cp <path to location of tarred file>/LHAPDF-6.1.4.tar.gz .      
      * tar xf LHAPDF-6.1.4.tar.gz
      * cd LHAPDF-6.1.4

  • 2. Build LHAPDF packages, and set environment variables (after these steps the directory lhapdf6.1.4 will also be created in baseDir)
      * ./configure --prefix=$PWD/../lhapdf6.1.4
      * make -j2 && make install
      * cd ..
      * export PATH=$PWD/lhapdf6.1.4/bin:$PATH
      * export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$PWD/lhapdf6.1.4/lib:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH
      * export PYTHONPATH=$PWD/lhapdf6.1.4/lib64/python2.6/site-packages:$PYTHONPATH

  • 3. Just test a few LHAPDF commands to make sure things are working up to this point
      * lhapdf-config --help
      * lhapdf list

  • 4. Assuming things are ok up to this point, now copy the PDF sets over to where they will need to be accessed (either this or get them yourself as per instructions above)
      * cp -r <path to PDF sets>/CT10* lhapdf6.1.4/share/LHAPDF/.
      * cp -r <path to PDF sets>/MSTW* lhapdf6.1.4/share/LHAPDF/.
      * cp -r <path to PDF sets>/NNPDF* lhapdf6.1.4/share/LHAPDF/.

  • 5. Uncomment the relevant portions of the makefile and python script (two lines in makefile, 6 lines in createBatchScriptsAndPbsFiles.py)

  • 6. Cleanup, recompile from scratch, and then you're ready to run (the new script rzgbatch/submitJobsToBatch.sh will then contain the necessary lines to submit jobs which run over the various PDF sets, as with the other systematics. A separate .root file will exist for each PDF set).
      * cd cmt
      * make clean
      * make

  • 7. When batch jobs have all finished successfully, run the ./evaluateSystematics step as before (this time however the PDF systematics will have been included and the corresponding entry in the systematics table will appear).

Ongoing Analysis Tasks

Description of Task Priority Assigned To Status
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