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META TOPICPARENT name="AthenaStuff"
Remark: Samples which have been produced on the GRID are all replicated to this directory:
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 lxplus011,17:25,~/grid/jobs >./registerFiles.sh

In case you cannot get a pfn to your file via the lfn

In such case you file is irremediably lost since you have no entry pointing to the PFN of the file (unless you know it by some other mean different form the file catalog). The only solution is therefore to delete the GUID-LFN mapping. You can do that using the lcg-ra command which you fing in the User Interface.

The sysopsys is

$ lcg-ra --vo vo guid lfn

see manpages for details.

 -- DerSchrecklicheSven - 25 Apr 2005
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