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Grid Job Submit

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 a trial command can be shown when the following command is given
$ cd /susyraid1/home/jkim/atlasdev/ $ bin/gsub MC 0 105001 -d

May 02 2011
topic: dget files from grid comments: dget command has options

dget one file from grid
$ dget -f filename datasetname

see which version of event generator, simulation, digitization and reconstruction software was used for a specific aod ntuple file, then type its suffix on
http://ami.in2p3.fr:8080/AMI/servlet/net.hep.atlas.Database.Bookkeeping.AMI.Servlet.Command?linkId=512 on Browse/Search all configuration tags
i.e. e598_s933_s946_r2302_r2300 for mc10_7TeV.105985.WW_Herwig.merge.AOD.e598_s933_s946_r2302_r2300_tid323800_00
 -- JaeKim - 17-Mar-2011
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