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High Pt Photon ID

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 The most up-to-date version of the High pT ID is V2.

The V2 working points are documented in detail in AN-15-241 (Section 6), but will be repeated here. Different cuts are applied for EB and EE.


ECAL Geometry

The EB and EE cuts are defined with respect to the detector's coordinates, in particular, using "detector" eta (eta_det) or, equivalently, "supercluster" eta (eta_sc). This is in contrast to using the photon's eta coordinate. The cuts are defined as follows

EB: std::abs(eta_sc) < 1.4442

EE: 1.566 < std::abs(eta_sc) < 2.5

We omit the crack between EB and EE, and we do not extend to the crystal at 1.560.


Implementing the High pT ID

We are trying to reproduce what's being done in the FLASHgg framework here.

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