Difference: Irrad2011 (9 vs. 10)

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META TOPICPARENT name="MarcoBomben"
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  * alpha = (6.9 +/- 1.5) 1e-17 A/cm*
  • Plot of depletion voltage:
phi = 5x10e15 neq/cm2

W# Neff (cm^-3)
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META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="irrad2011-fl5e15-best.png" attr="" comment="C^-2 VS V for fl=5e15" date="1318674068" name="irrad2011-fl5e15-best.png" path="irrad2011-fl5e15-best.png" size="18087" stream="irrad2011-fl5e15-best.png" tmpFilename="/usr/tmp/CGItemp18310" user="mbomben" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="irrad2011-fl1e16-best.png" attr="" comment="C^-2 VS V for fl=1e16" date="1318674836" name="irrad2011-fl1e16-best.png" path="irrad2011-fl1e16-best.png" size="19879" stream="irrad2011-fl1e16-best.png" tmpFilename="/usr/tmp/CGItemp18461" user="mbomben" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="Corrections_for_Vdep_based_on_logC_logV.txt" attr="" comment="Corrections for the depletion voltage due to temperature and frequence" date="1349953809" name="Corrections_for_Vdep_based_on_logC_logV.txt" path="Corrections_for_Vdep_based_on_logC_logV.txt" size="959" user="mbomben" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="Vdepl-logClogV-Irrad2011-data.png" attr="" comment="Plot of depletion voltage" date="1350047549" name="Vdepl-logClogV-Irrad2011-data.png" path="Vdepl-logClogV-Irrad2011-data.png" size="23737" user="mbomben" version="1"
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