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Jets calibration using $t\bar{t}$ events

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\[ k' = k \frac{M_{W}}{M_{RECO fit}} \]
This method is iterative, that is many k updates are required to k values to converge.
pT Reco / pT MC vs η. Gauss fit mean superimposed.
pT Reco / pT MC vs pT Reco.
Reco invariant mass vs pT.
Reco invariant mass. Red = before jet corrections, Green = after jet corrections

SL3: Squared L3
As L3 method, but with the ratio of the masses instead of the squared ratio
\[ k' = k \frac{\sum \frac{M_{W}}{M_{RECO} } }{N} \]
then the "dimension" of the correction is proportional to k and convergence is reached.
pT Reco / pT MC vs η. Gauss fit mean superimposed.
pT Reco / pT MC vs pT Reco.
Reco invariant mass vs pT.
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