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Jets calibration using $t\bar{t}$ events

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Jet from W identification in $t\bar{t}$ events

Identification of 4 jets based on LikelihoodRatio estimator: LR = L(signal) / L(background). Variables used:

  • ΔR bb
  • ΔR qq
  • b tag from b
  • b tag from q
  • pT from b
  • pT from q

ΔR bb
ΔR qq
pT of RECO b jet
trackCountingHighEffBJetTags of RECO b jet
trackCountingHighEffBJetTags of RECO q (from W) jet

The best jet combination is defined as the one that maximizes

\[ P = \Pi LR_{i} \]

Background sample

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