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L1Calo Hardware Database

KIP connection


  • Connect to KIP with CISCO: Uni Heidelberg - vpnsrv0 and leave the connection open
  • To make firefox working even if it is connected, go in preferences and select: Network Proxy -->
Auto Detect
  • Now you can connect either with X2go to Jan's pc: thor, or via shell to thor.kip.uni-heidelberg.de, via shell you cn connect also to pleione.kip.uni-eidelberg.de (where the db is). Connection to pleione is with root username (my ssh keys are saved there)
  • Office PC: pcatkip06

    • Open a tunnel via shell (Sebastian put alias in the bash script)
      • To thor: thuKip and leave open in the background. Need to be redone only if the PC is rebooted
      • To pleione: ptunKip
      • X2go or ssh to thor
      • ssh to pleione


    • To clean the session, if it is not anymore restarting:
      • Connect via shell to the PC where you want to connect
      • type: x2golistsessions
      • copy the second field, the one starting with your username
      • type: x2goterminate-session franchin-xxxxx (the copied part as before)
      • restart your session
      • Sebastian put a script who does it with 1 command: Go in thor and execute: cleanupX2Go
    • Every tie we want to close it, go on the right top and click your username and do logout

    -- SilviaFranchino - 2018-04-18

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