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Cosmic Muon Analysis on the DataSet 005003

Description of this dataset

Simulation release

This dataset is simulated with release 12.0.0 using geometry tag ATLAS-Commissioning-00, which means, that End-Caps are in "garage" positions, 4m from the nominal one. For the detailed description see a short report.

Simulation parameters

The vertical angle cut was choosen to be 45 degrees, the "center" towards which the muons should point (within the radius 5855mm - endcap cryostat dimension) was taken the bottom center of endcap cryostat in positive Z. In this sense the dataset is not symmetric, it's oriented to A side. Energy cut was from 10 GeV to 2 TeV.

Simulation data produced

12 Millions events were produced. 1 Million events correspond to 539s real time. Digitization is done without including electronics noise. The output files are located in:
simulation: /castor/cern.ch/atlas/project/larg/g4_cosmic/comm.005003/simul
digitization: /castor/cern.ch/atlas/project/larg/g4_cosmic/comm.005003/digit_nonoise
reconstruction: /castor/cern.ch/atlas/project/larg/g4_cosmic/comm.005003/reco_nonoise
Each file with numbers from 1 to 3992 corresponds to 1000 simulated events and files with numbers above 4000 corresponds to 10000 events.

Reconstruction Problems

The reconstructed files on castor numbered from 1 to 3992 have a problem where only the first two layers of the HEC seem to be shifted to the garage position. The files from 4000 to 4800 seem to be fine.

Analysis Results

-- TheodotaLagouri - 11 Nov 2006

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