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Version notes


v10-02 (2012-12-02-14h29m14s)

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  • 6 or 5 input variables, 40 trees.
  • Signal scores, background scores, and ROC curves
  • First training of endcap, low pT category. NB: secMaxStripEtOverPt and TRTHToverLT are not considered here because the variables are not valid in the endcap.
  • Three N-1 trainings crashed.
  • Some over-training, but not dramatic.
  • Action item: Discuss with SM.

Input variable configuration Sig eff for bkg @ 0.01
All 6 variables 0.810
Drop absdeltaeta 0.788
Drop corrFTrk N/A
Drop EMFraction 0.691
Drop PSSFraction N/A
Drop isolFrac N/A
Drop hadLeakEt 0.776

v10-01 (2012-12-02-12h39m40s)

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