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META TOPICPARENT name="CmsXrootdArchitecture"

Joining a POSIX-based cluster to the Xrootd service.

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  The version of cms-xrootd should be at least 1.0, and the version of xrootd should be at least 3.2.2.
Copy the template config file, /etc/xrootd/xrootd.sample.posix.cfg to /etc/xrootd/xrootd.cfg.
Copy the template config file, /etc/xrootd/xrootd.sample.posix.cfg to /etc/xrootd/xrootd-clustered.cfg.
  If your CMS namespace is not truly trivial (i.e., if the CMS top-level directory in Lustre/GPFS is not /store), copy your site's storage.xml to /etc/xrootd/storage.xml. If you are unsure of what this means, please contact your site's CMS representative. Uncomment and update the following line in xrootd.cfg:
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  For GUMS or SCAS, update the /etc/xrootd/lcmaps.cfg provided in the RPM so the endpoint properly references your server's XACML endpoint. For Argus, use the attached lcmaps.cfg.
Change the path on lcmaps.cfg file (from path = /usr/lib64/modules to path = /usr/lib64/lcmaps )
 If this is a brand new host, you may need to run fetch-crl to update CRLs before starting Xrootd.

Operating xrootd

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