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Notes on PYTHIA8 tuning using PROFESSOR in ATLAS

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  1. Finally tune. Using prof-tune, stored in results/.
    • prof-sensitivities --datadir ref --ipoldir ipol --runsfile runcombs.dat --obsfile w2 --plotmode extrenal -o sensitivity_plots
    • prof-tune --datadir . --weights w4 --ipoldir ref/ipol --runs runcombs.dat (stored in tunes)
    • prof-sensitivities --mcdir mc --datadir . --runs runcombs.dat --weights wt_04 --plotmode extremal -o sensitivity_plots --ipol cubic --ipoldir ref/ipol
    • prof-sensitivities --mcdir mc --datadir . --runs runcombs.dat --weights wt_04 --plotmode colormap -o sensitivity_plots --ipol cubic --ipoldir ref/ipol
    • Show the sensitivity of observables to the parameters varied: savesensitivities.py --datadir . --oudir splots --observables weights1
    • Show how well the generator runs "enclose" data: prof-envelopes --mcdir mc --refdir ref -o envelopes --weights weights
    • Show scatter plot for each tuning parameter.
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