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Redirectors (site managers) subscription overview

AAA - Make accessible Any data from the existing distributed CMS data cache to scientists Anywhere, Anytime. The resulting system - hierarchy of redirectors - improves the scientific productivity of CMS physicists reach the data, as well as effectiveness of the storage infrastructures deployed among the CMS Tier-1/2/3 worldwide. Access is based on XRoodtD protocol.
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Test redirector subscription

You can verify subscription of your site using this command, e.g. from lxplus.cern.ch (have in mind export X509_USER_PROXY env variable belonging to CMS VO):
$ xrd REDIRECTOR locateall /store/test/xrootd/SITE_NAME/store/mc/SAM/GenericTTbar/GEN-SIM-RECO/CMSSW_5_3_1_START53_V5-v1/0013/CE4D66EB-5AAE-E111-96D6-003048D37524.root
Location #1 InfoType: kXrdcLocDataServer CanWrite: true Location: 'IP:'
Location #2 InfoType: kXrdcLocDataServer CanWrite: true Location: 'IP:'
$ xrdfs xrootd.unl.edu locate -d -m /store/test/xrootd/T2_US_Nebraska/store/mc/SAM/GenericTTbar/GEN-SIM-RECO/CMSSW_5_3_1_START53_V5-v1/0013/CE4D66EB-5AAE-E111-96D6-003048D37524.root red-gridftp9.unl.edu:1094 Server ReadWrite red-gridftp1.unl.edu:1094 Server ReadWrite red-gridftp7.unl.edu:1094 Server ReadWrite red-gridftp6.unl.edu:1094 Server ReadWrite red-gridftp8.unl.edu:1094 Server ReadWrite red-gridftp10.unl.edu:1094 Server ReadWrite red-gridftp12.unl.edu:1094 Server ReadWrite red-gridftp4.unl.edu:1094 Server ReadWrite red-gridftp2.unl.edu:1094 Server ReadWrite red-gridftp5.unl.edu:1094 Server ReadWrite red-gridftp3.unl.edu:1094 Server ReadWrite ... Testing specific redirector and site will look like:
$ xrdfs REDIRECTOR locate -d -m /store/test/xrootd/SITE_NAME/store/mc/SAM/GenericTTbar/GEN-SIM-RECO/CMSSW_5_3_1_START53_V5-v1/0013/CE4D66EB-5AAE-E111-96D6-003048D37524.root
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