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Redirectors (site managers) subscription overview

AAA - Make accessible Any data from the existing distributed CMS data cache to scientists Anywhere, Anytime. The resulting system - hierarchy of redirectors - improves the scientific productivity of CMS physicists reach the data, as well as effectiveness of the storage infrastructures deployed among the CMS Tier-1/2/3 worldwide. Access is based on XRoodtD protocol.
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  When ready, continue with TFC (fallback) configuration.

Special configuration for aliased redirector(s)

Some sites (e.g. PIC or KIT), for the High Availability purpose, want to host two or more local redirectors that would act as a single point of subscription for downstream data servers in the topology. While we do not recommend experiment whith optional configuration that may contribute to various discussions about pros and cons of this setup, we do recommend in such case the following configuration for site managers (redirectors):

Considered scenario: Proper way to achieve redirector redundancy is to have them all in a common DNS alias and then configure the servers to subscribe to all the redirectors in the DNS alias. Let's assume site has DNS alias redir-alias.foo.bar that resolves to the two local redirectors site-redir1.foo.bar and site-redir2.foo.bar.

Configuration in site-redir1.foo.bar should have:

# distinguish all.sitename between managers
# 1st redirector
all.sitename Site-Redirector-1
all.role manager
all.manager meta all cms-xrd-global.cern.ch+ 1098
all.manager redir-alias.foo.bar+ 1213

Configuration in site-redir2.foo.bar should have:

# distinguish all.sitename between managers
# 2nd redirector
all.sitename Site-Redirector-2
all.role manager
all.manager meta all cms-xrd-global.cern.ch+ 1098
all.manager redir-alias.foo.bar+ 1213

So the data servers at the site should have this in the xrootd config:

all.role server
all.manager redir-alias.foo.bar:<port>

Fallback: editing site TFC

This section assumes your site has implemented TFC trick - if you are completely new to TFC changes, you should skip it and follow this document.
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