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This is only intended as a reminder for myself, that I don't forget what I had to do to make the job working. A proper page will be created after Christmas...

Things I had to change in the Digitization package:

  • First of all, the include statement at the beginning of ConfigDigitization.py has to be changed from include("AthenaPoolCnvSvc/ReadAthenaPool_jobOptions.py") to something like:
        if DetFlags.readRDOPool.any_on():
  • Also in ConfigDigitization.py all lines having to do with "Stream1" have to be commented.
  • In Digitization_flags.py the line DetFlags.simulate.all_setOff() has to be commented.
  • In LVL1Digitization.py one has to make sure, that "TrigT1EventAthenaPool/TrigT1EventAthenaPool_joboptions.py" gets included, even without setting the RDO reading to true.

After all this is done, the jobO-s in my AFS directory should be able to run the full chain of simulation -->

digitization --> ntuple creation in ONE job! smile

-- AttilaKrasznahorkay - 16 Dec 2005

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