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 the brand new rel. 11.0.0 should work just the same. (However I've read some news on the software developers mailing list, that there are still some problems with some parts of the simulation in that release.)
update: I've verified, that release 11.0.3 works fine for the whole simulation -->
digitization --> readRDO chain.
 The general description of running the pythonized G4 simulation within Athena can be found here.
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 The simulation can be started with: #>athena.py jobOptions.G4Atlas_Sim.py. In bash I like to use the following command however: #>athena.py -s jobOptions.G4Atlas_Sim.py 2>&1 | tee log_file.log.
-- AttilaKrasznahorkay - 24 Oct 2005
-- AttilaKrasznahorkay - 15 Dec 2005
META FILEATTACHMENT attr="" comment="Main jobO file." date="1130147700" name="jobOptions.G4Atlas_Sim.py" path="jobOptions.G4Atlas_Sim.py" size="2130" user="krasznaa" version="1.1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attr="" comment="Personal generator jobOptions." date="1130147731" name="ParticleGeneratorOptions.py" path="ParticleGeneratorOptions.py" size="1069" user="krasznaa" version="1.1"
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