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  • NB - originally wanted to use sctroddq account to develop code, but CCS gives errors on startup. For the moment can use the sctdcs account (password in book)
  • Current version is Code Composer Studio version 3.3


This should have already been done on the machine. If somehow this gets reset, then the procedure is:
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  • The CVS for the old (and currently in use) SCT code is located on lxplus:
  • CVSROOT=:ext:username@lxplus.cern.ch:/afs/cern.ch/user/s/sctpixel/private/cvsroot
  • Module RodDaq
  • Branch: SCT_DSP_DEV_1 for the head of the SCT DSP code
  • Or each version should also be tagged (eg SCT_1_4_1)
  • Please tag code if you make a binary for use in the pit!! It makes it MUCH easier to track changes.
 It is suggested that you check the code out into the directory:
  • C:\Rod-Sct-development
  • This will be in sync with the project file in CVS, or you can change the path yourself manually.
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