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  • The new firmware should load next time you start up the Daq


Here are some recent issues I have had compiling the code, add others as they come up...

Space Issues

  • The MDSP has been running low on extra space (in both XPROG and IDRAM)
  • To get round this you can set the compiler to optimise for space
  • Lool under Project -> Build Options... -> Opt Speed vs Size
  • Change the flag to make size more critical
  • I found that then I get the following error:
[Linking...] "C:\Program Files\CCStudio_v3.1\C6000\cgtools\bin\cl6x" -@"ROD.lkf"

undefined                        first referenced
 symbol                              in file
---------                        ----------------
__divi                           c:\ti\tf\obj6\masterPrimFuncts.obj
>>   error: symbol referencing errors - './sct/binary/rodrun_sct.out' not built
  • To get round this, right click on masterPrimFuncts.c and select "File Specific Options..."
  • For this file, change the Opt Speed vs Size back to Speed More Critical "-ms0"
  • Good luck!
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