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CMS Single Top + Higgs analysis with bb decay

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Open tasks

A list of open tasks in the analysis is available in page SingleTopHiggsBBTaskList. \ No newline at end of file


Analysis Note 2013/113

> svn co -N svn+ssh://svn.cern.ch/reps/tdr2 myDir # where myDir is a placeholder for a name of your choice
> cd myDir
> svn update utils
> svn update -N notes
> svn update notes/AN-13-113
> eval `./notes/tdr runtime -csh` # for tcsh. use -sh for bash.
> cd notes/AN-13-113/trunk
# (edit the template, then to build the document)
> tdr --style=an b AN-13-113

You can commit your changes with
> svn commit -m "commit message"
New files will first need to be added with
> svn add NewFileNames
before they can be committed.

Note: I committed a script MAKENOTE for compiling without having to remember the exact command line.

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