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META TOPICPARENT name="CmsXrootdOpenFileTests"

Configuration and hardware of sites belonging to data federation

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cms_site_name: T2_FI_HIP
storage technology and version: dcache-2.15
xrootd server version: 4.4
how many xrootd server are installed? 2
usage of xrootd proxy? yes
usage of xrootd manager (cmsd)? yes
head node hardware description: virtual machines. 2 cores 4800MB RAM
is there load-balancing and fail over? no
network interfaces of headnode and servers: 2x1Gb shared
bandwidth from xrootd head node and outside: 2x1Gb shared
are there limitations in the number of allowed accesses to the system (number of queries)? 2 workers and 4 workerthreads
is the access to /store/test/xrootd/$SITENAME dir done using TFC or symlink? tfc
are you serving multiple VOs with your xrootd setup: no
are you registered in the AAA monitoring system? yes
other key parameters we are missing?:
(for dcache sites) have you already followed the configuration suggested in https://twiki.cern.ch/twiki/bin/view/Main/CmsXrootdOpenFileTests#To_improve_performance_of_dcache? or other twiki (which?) yes


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cms_site_name: T2_DE_RWTH
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