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How to install the ATLAS TDAQ locally

The current tdaq version is tdaq-04-00-01,. Old tdaq-03-00-01 is locally installed in 3 workstations and 1 sbc. In addition, another sbc runs tdaq-02-00-03.
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 For tdaq-04-00-01, tdaq-common-01-18-04, dqm-common-00-18-03 and LCGCMT_61c are needed

Once you reach point 4 in the aforementioned istructions (Install what you want), type:

apt-cache search daq-common-01-16-02
apt-cache search tdaq-common-01-18-04
 to get the list of packages to be installed. Redirect the output to a file, say list1.txt. Repeat the same step for the dqm-common and for the tdaq release. Build a file with all the lists above
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