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HLT Paths included

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What does a Dimuon_Upsilon trigger that is NOT a barrel trigger look like? There does not seem to be a cowboy veto. See HLT_Dimuon0_Upsilon_Muonv7:
  Module: hltUpsilonMuonL3Filtered
    bool saveTags = 1
    int32 ChargeOpt = -1
    double MaxRapidityPair = 2.5
    double MaxDCAMuMu = .5
    double MaxAcop = 999
    double MinAcop = -999
    double MaxInvMass = 11.5
    double MinInvMass = 8.5
    double MinPtMin = 0
    double MinPtMax = 0
    InputTag PreviousCandTag = hltTripleMuonL2PreFiltered0
    InputTag BeamSpotTag = hltOnlineBeamSpot

HLT Browser

The HLT browser is a helpful way of determing trigger path names and the sequence of filters applied for each path. To find trigger information, select the year, trigger menu, and version (for example 2011/e33/v2). Then go to stream A, find the class of trigger that interests you (for instance MuOnia) then select the trigger you want. This will bring up a list of details for the sequence of that trigger.

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