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HLT Paths included

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The attached text file shows the sequence for each trigger used in the analysis.



Some sample path sequences are listed here:

path HLT_Mu24_v2 = HLTBeginSequenceBPTX + hltL1sL1SingleMu12 + hltPreMu24 + hltL1SingleMu12L1Filtered0 + HLTL2muonrecoSequence + hltL2Mu12L2Filtered12 + HLTL3muonrecoSequence + hltSingleMu24L3Filtered24 + HLTEndSequence

path HLT_Dimuon0_Barrel_Upsilon_v1 = HLTBeginSequenceBPTX + hltL1sL1DoubleMu0 + hltPreDimuon0BarrelUpsilon + hltDimuonL1Filtered0 + HLTL2muonrecoSequence + hltDimuonL2PreFiltered0 + HLTL3muonrecoSequence + hltDimuonL3PreFiltered0Upsilon + hltDimuon0BarrelUpsilonL3Filtered + HLTEndSequence

META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="HLT_browser.png" attr="" comment="" date="1355938787" name="HLT_browser.png" path="HLT_browser.png" size="101768" user="bcarlson" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="HLT_dump.txt" attr="" comment="HLT_dump.txt" date="1355939419" name="HLT_dump.txt" path="HLT_dump.txt" size="5519" user="bcarlson" version="1"
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