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META TOPICPARENT name="WorkingOnTheDistributionKit"
    • When run on lx1 I need to manually cmt config
    • create a symlink between $SITEROOT/sw/lcg/releases and $SITEROOT/sw/packages to satisfy the Gaudi references to its externals
    • for some reason the *Shr environment variables are not unset =>

			  unset `printenv | grep Shr | cut -d= -f1`

    • All Dict_joboptions.txt are missing due to a bad change in AtlasSEAL between 00-00-39 and 00-00-40 that removed the definition of the _joboptions macro.

    • Why is there a reference to /afs/cern.ch/sw/lcg/external/gccxml in building MooEvent ??

test 8.2.0
athena.exe executable PASSED
athena.exe shared libs PASSED
Release shared libraries PASSED
Release Simple Checks OK
Athena Hello World OK
AthenaPool MissingETWrite PASSED
AthenaPool MissingETRead PASSED
AthenaPool InDetRawDataWriter PASSED
AthenaPool InDetRawDataReader PASSED
AthenaPool LArCellContWriter PASSED
AthenaPool LArCellContReader PASSED
Athena POOL Test OK
ReadSiDetectorElements PASSED
SiRegionSelectorTableStandAlone FAILED
InDetDetDescr Example FAILED
MooEvent compilation OK
Athena Muon Generation FAILED
DC2 Z -> e e Event Generation FAILED
DC2 Z -> mu mu Event Generation FAILED
DC2 Z -> tau tau Event Generation FAILED
DC2 DiJet Event Generation FAILED
DC2 atlfast Z -> e e Ntuple/Histo production FAILED
Athena Muon Simulation FAILED
DC2 Z -> e e G4 Simulation FAILED
Athena Muon Digitization FAILED
DC2 Z -> e e Digitization FAILED
Athena Muon Reconstruction FAILED
Kit Validation FAILED

-- ChristianArnault - 21 Jun 2004

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