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Xrootd Production and Integration

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  • Set up a mapping for the test namespace. Have /store/test/xrootd/$SITENAME/store/(.*) map to /store/$1. This allows us to query the redirector for a specific file and only get a response from hosts at $SITENAME; an important characteristic for our testing.
  • Join your site to a regional redirector within 50ms RTT of your xrootd server.
    • xrootd.unl.edu for US sites
    • xrootd.ba.infn.it for EU sites
    • xrootd-cms.infn.it for EU sites
    • We are looking for volunteers to run an Asian redirector
  • Read the documentation on throttling Xrootd. Consider the impact of a malicious (or uneducated user). Do you feel you have comfortable controls for the following dimensions: site bandwidth utilized, IOPS, namespace queries.
  • Read the documentation on monitoring. You will want to keep an eye on these, and may want to integrate into your own site monitoring.
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