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Throttling Xrootd

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  • Network-level: Most modern managed switches can do flow shaping. This is the preferred solution, as the bottleneck is more often in the network than at the host level.
We recommend to distinguish the xrootd and gridftp traffic at your site and apply the appropriate policy.
Note: We are developing experimental support for bandwidth throttling in Xrootd; see this page for more information.

I/O Operations Per Second (IOPS)

In CMSSW-based workflows, IOPS is a greater concern than raw bandwidth. Many uses can cause a huge number of small reads, especially in older versions. Always recommend users adopt a 4_x release, preferably 4_2 or later.

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  We suggest a reactive approach. You can monitor how much activity goes on through your site from our detailed monitoring collector.
Note: We are developing experimental support for IOPS and concurrency throttling in Xrootd; see this page for more information.
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