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AWAKE Publications

Hello World! This is the central scientific results page of the AWAKE Collaboration, maintained by the AWAKE Publication Committee. For past publications, see

AWAKE Collaboration Papers

Authors Title Journal YearSorted ascending DOI/arXiv
AWAKE Collaboration Proton-driven plasma wakefield acceleration: a path to the future of high-energy particle physics PPCF 2014 DOI
E. Gschwendtner, et al. (AWAKE Collaboration) AWAKE, The Advanced Proton Driven Plasma Wakefield Acceleration Experiment at CERN NIMA 2016 DOI
A. Caldwell, et al. (AWAKE Collaboration) Path to AWAKE: Evolution of the concept NIMA 2016 DOI
C. Bracco, et al. (AWAKE Collaboration) AWAKE: A Proton-Driven Plasma Wakefield Acceleration Experiment at CERN NPPP 2016 DOI
AWAKE Collaboration Acceleration of electrons in the plasma wakefield of a proton bunch Nature 2018 DOI
P. Muggli, et al. (AWAKE Collaboration) AWAKE readiness for the study of the seeded self-modulation of a 400 GeV proton bunch PPCF 2018 DOI
E. Gschwendtner, et al. (AWAKE Collaboration) Proton-driven plasma wakefield acceleration in AWAKE PTRSA 2019 DOI, Correction
M. Turner, et al. (AWAKE Collaboration) Experimental Observation of Plasma Wakefield Growth Driven by the Seeded Self-Modulation of a Proton Bunch PRL 2019 DOI
AWAKE Collaboration Experimental Observation of Proton Bunch Modulation in a Plasma at Varying Plasma Densities PRL 2019 DOI
S. Gessner, et al. (AWAKE Collaboration) Evolution of a plasma column measured through modulation of a high-energy proton beam   2020 2006.09991
F. Braunmüller, et al. (AWAKE Collaboration) Proton Bunch Self-Modulation in Plasma with Density Gradient PRL 2020 DOI
A. A. Gorn, et al. (AWAKE Collaboration) Proton beam defocusing in AWAKE: comparison of simulations and measurements PPCF 2020 DOI
M. Turner, et al. (AWAKE Collaboration) Experimental study of wakefields driven by a self-modulating proton bunch in plasma PRAB 2020 DOI
P.I. Morales Guzman, et al. (AWAKE Collaboration) Simulation and Experimental Study of Proton Bunch Self-Modulation in Plasma with Linear Density Gradients   2021 2107.11369
F. Batsch, et al. (AWAKE Collaboration) Transition between Instability and Seeded Self-Modulation of a Relativistic Particle Bunch in Plasma PRL 2021 DOI
J. Chappell, et al. (AWAKE Collaboration) Experimental study of extended timescale dynamics of a plasma wakefield driven by a self-modulated proton bunch PRAB 2021 DOI

Other papers related to AWAKE

Authors Title Journal Year DOI/arXiv
A.A. Gorn, K.V. Lotov Generation of plasma electron halo by charged particle beam in low density plasma   2021 arXiv:2108.07530
K. Lotov, P. Tuev Ultimate plasma wakefield acceleration with 400 GeV proton driver   2021 arXiv:2105.10140
S.-Y. Kim, et al. Witness electron beam injection using an active plasma lens for beam-driven plasma wakefield accelerators   2021 arXiv:2104.10288
G. Demeter, et al. Long range propagation of ultrafast, ionizing laser pulses in a resonant nonlinear medium Submitted to PRA 2021 arXiv:2103.14530
D.A. Cooke, et al. Measurement and application of electron stripping of ultrarelativistic 208Pb81+ NIMA 2021 DOI
R.I. Spitsyn, K.V. Lotov Wakefield decay in a radially bounded plasma due to formation of electron halo PPCF 2021 DOI
L. Verra, et al. Electron beam characterization with beam loss monitors PRAB 2020 DOI
R. Agnello, et al. Application of Thomson scattering to helicon plasma sources JPP 2020 DOI
B. Williamson, et al. Betatron radiation diagnostics for AWAKE Run 2 NIMA 2020 DOI
K.V. Lotov, V.A. Minakov Proton beam self-modulation seeded by electron bunch in plasma with density ramp PPCF 2020 DOI
A.A. Gorn, et al. Response of narrow cylindrical plasmas to dense charged particle beams PoP 2019 DOI
E. Gschwendtner, P. Muggli Plasma wakefield accelerators NatRevPhys 2019 DOI
V.A. Minakov, et al. Accelerating field enhancement due to ion motion in plasma wakefield accelerators PPCF 2019 DOI
M. Moreira, et al. Influence of proton bunch parameters on a proton-driven plasma wakefield acceleration experiment PRAB 2019 DOI
N. Moschuering, et al. First fully kinetic three-dimensional simulation of the AWAKE baseline scenario PPCF 2019 DOI
G. Demeter Propagation of ultrashort resonant ionizing laser pulses in rubidium vapor PRA 2019 DOI
M.Wing Particle physics experiments based on the AWAKE acceleration scheme PTRSA 2019 DOI
V.K. Berglyd Olsen, et al. Emittance preservation of an electron beam in a loaded quasilinear plasma wakefield PRAB 2018 DOI
B Buttenschön, et al. A high power, high density helicon discharge for the plasma wakefield accelerator experiment AWAKE PPCF 2018 DOI
K.V. Lotov Stable bunch trains for plasma wakefield acceleration PPCF 2018 DOI
V. A. Minakov, et al. Witness emittance growth caused by driver density fluctuations in plasma wakefield accelerators PoP 2018 DOI
G. Plyushchev, et al. A rubidium vapor source for a plasma source for AWAKE JPD 2018 DOI
A.-M. Bachmann, et al. Schlieren imaging for the determination of the radius of an excited rubidium column NIMA 2018 DOI
F. Batsch, et al. Interferometer-based high-accuracy white light measurement of neutral rubidium density and gradient at AWAKE NIMA 2018 DOI
F. Braunmueller, et al. Novel diagnostic for precise measurement of the modulation frequency of Seeded Self-Modulation via Coherent Transition Radiation in AWAKE NIMA 2018 DOI
M. Hüther, P. Muggli Seeding of the self-modulation in a long proton bunch by charge cancellation with a short electron bunch NIMA 2018 DOI
K.V. Lotov AWAKE-related benchmarking tests for simulation codes NIMA 2018 DOI
M. Moreira, et al. Signatures of the self-modulation instability of relativistic proton bunches in the AWAKE experiment NIMA 2018 DOI
K. Pepitone, et al. The electron accelerators for the AWAKE experiment at CERN-Baseline and Future Developments NIMA 2018 DOI
M. Turner, et al. A method to determine the maximum radius of defocused protons after self-modulation in AWAKE NIMA 2018 DOI
B. Williamson, et al. Simulation study of an LWFA-based electron injector for AWAKE Run 2 NIMA 2018 DOI
K. Rieger, et al. GHz modulation detection using a streak camera: Suitability of streak cameras in the AWAKE experiment RSI 2017 DOI
M.Turner, et al. The two-screen measurement setup to indirectly measure proton beam self-modulation in AWAKE NIMA 2017 DOI
E. Adli, P. Muggli Proton-Beam-Driven Plasma Acceleration RAST 2016 DOI
A. Joulaei, et al. Laser pulse propagation in a meter scale rubidium vapor / plasma cell in AWAKE experiment NIMA 2016 DOI
E. Öz, et al. An accurate Rb density measurement method for a plasma wakefield accelerator experiment using a novel Rb reservoir NIMA 2016 DOI
K. Pepitone, et al. The electron accelerator for the AWAKE experiment at CERN NIMA 2016 DOI
A. Petrenko, et al. Numerical Studies of Electron Acceleration Behind Self-Modulating Proton Beam in Plasma with a Density Gradient NIMA 2016 DOI
J.S. Schmidt, et al. Status of the proton and electron transfer lines for the AWAKE Experiment at CERN NIMA 2016 DOI
M. Turner, et al. Indirect Self-Modulation Instability Measurement Concept for the AWAKE Proton Beam NIMA 2016 DOI
K.V. Lotov Physics of beam self-modulation in plasma wakefield accelerators PoP 2015 DOI
K.V. Lotov Effect of beam emittance on self-modulation of long beams in plasma wakefield accelerators PoP 2015 DOI
C.Bracco, et al. Beam studies and experimental facility for the AWAKE experiment at CERN NIMA 2014 DOI
K.V. Lotov, et al. Long-Term Evolution of Broken Wakefields in Finite-Radius Plasmas PRL 2014 DOI
K.V. Lotov, et al. Parameter sensitivity of plasma wakefields driven by self-modulating proton beams PoP 2014 DOI
K.V. Lotov, et al. Electron trapping and acceleration by the plasma wakefield of a self-modulating proton beam PoP 2014 DOI
E. Öz, P. Muggli A novel Rb vapor plasma source for plasma wakefield accelerators NIMA 2014 DOI
J. Vieira, et al. Self-modulation instability of ultra-relativistic particle bunches with finite rise times PPCF 2014 DOI
J. Vieira, et al. Hosing Instability Suppression in Self-Modulated Plasma Wakefields PRL 2014 DOI
K. V. Lotov Excitation of two-dimensional plasma wakefields by trains of equidistant particle bunches PoP 2013 DOI

Conference Proceedings

Authors Title Conference/Year Journal/Year DOI/Link Presentation
G. Zevi Della Porta for the AWAKE Collaboration Recent highlights and plans of the AWAKE experiment ICHEP-2020 PoS, 2021 DOI  
P. Muggli, et al. Seeding self-modulation of a long proton bunch with a short electron bunch EAAC-2019 JPCS, 2020 DOI  
F. Peña Asmus, et al. Predicting the Trajectory of a Relativistic Electron Beam for External Injection in Plasma Wakefields EAAC-2019 JPCS, 2020 DOI  
A. Perera, et al. Stability of elliptical self-modulating long proton bunches in plasma wakefields EAAC-2019 JPCS, 2020 DOI  
P. Muggli for the AWAKE Collaboration Physics to plan AWAKE Run 2 EAAC-2019 JPCS, 2020 DOI  
L. Verra, et al. Study of external electron beam injection into proton driven plasma wakefields for AWAKE Run2 EAAC-2019 JPCS, 2020 DOI  
F. Batsch for the AWAKE Collaboration Setup and Characteristics of a Timing Reference Signal with sub-ps Accuracy for AWAKE EAAC-2019 JPCS, 2020 DOI  
A.-M. Bachmann, et al. Determination of the Charge per Micro-Bunch of a Self-Modulated Proton Bunch using a Streak Camera EAAC-2019 JPCS, 2020 DOI  

Theses (authors are welcome to send links to Konstantin Lotov)

Author Title Year Type/Link
Anna-Maria Bachmann Self-Modulation Development of a Proton Bunch in Plasma 2021 PhD Thesis
Mathias Hüther Direct Observation of the Hosing Instability of a Long Relativistic Proton Bunch in the AWAKE Experiment 2020 PhD Thesis
Mariana Moreira Influence of proton bunch and plasma parameters on the AWAKE experiment 2017 Master's Thesis
Fabian Batsch Interferometer-based white light measurement of neutral rubidium density and gradient for the AWAKE experiment at CERN 2016 Master's Thesis

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