Observers Committee

Members of this committee are people with experience in long term planning (either senior or junior) but also an outstanding involvement with projects in and with Africa. OC will be an intermediate body, conveying ideas between STC and WGs. Members participate in WG discussions, they review papers, attend meetings and participate to the editing of the reports together with the WGs they are assigned to follow. OC members can easily report any Ethics issues or just a problem with the WGs.


Code of Conduct


Guidelines for Working Groups


Committee members

Mailing list: ASFAP-Observers[at]

# NAME AFFILIATION EMAIL Gender African origin/Diaspora Country of residence Expertize Interests e-groups attachment Mapping done in WGs by STC
1 Dr. Nabila Aghanim NabilaAghanimBio IAS, CNRS and Université Paris-Saclay, France nabila.aghanim[at] F Algeria France Astrophysics, Cosmology, Instrumentation Capacity building, Entrepreneuriat ASFAP-AstroCosmo, ASFAP-CommunityEngagement, ASFAP-Instruments-Detectors, ASFAP-WomenPhysics yes
2 Prof. Abdesslam Arhrib AbdesslamArhribBio Abdelmalek Essadi University, Tetouan, Morocco aarhrib[at] M Morocco Morocco Theoretical High Energy Physics (HEP) Community engagement ASFAP-CommunityEngagement yes
3 Dr. Mary Bishai MaryBishaiBio Brookhaven National Laboratory mbishai[at] F Egypt USA Neutrino Physics NPP ASFAP-ParticlePhysics, ASFAP-PhysicsEducation, ASFAP-WomenPhysics yes
4 Dr. Samira Hassani SamiraHassaniBio CEA, France Samira.Hassani[at] F Morocco France HEP, Instrumentation Astrophysics, Women in Physics, Ethics Committee ASFAP-ParticlePhysics, ASFAP-WomenPhysics, ASFAP-Ethics yes
5 Prof. Yassine Hassouni YassineHassouniBio Mohammed V University in Rabat yassine.hassouni[at] M Morocco Morocco Quantum Sciences, Quantum information African Network ASFAP-CommunityEngagement yes
6 Prof. Peter Jenni PeterJenniBio Freiburg University and CERN peter.jenni[at] M NA Switzerland Experimental HEP and detectors Community engagement ASFAP-ParticlePhysics, ASFAP-Instruments-Detectors, ASFAP-CommunityEngagement yes
7 Prof. Oumar Ka OumarKaBio Cheikh Anta Diop University, Dakar, Senegal oumar.ka[a] M Senegal Senegal Materials Physics Physics Education, Ethics Committee ASFAP-MaterialsPhysics, ASFAP-PhysicsEducation, ASFAP-Ethics yes
8 Dr. Claire Lee ClaireLeeBio Fermilab, USA claire.lee[at] F South Africa France HEP, Instrumentation&Detectors Women in Physics, Community engagement, Astrophysics&Cosmology ASFAP-AstroCosmo, ASFAP-CommunityEngagement, ASFAP-Instruments-Detectors, ASFAP-ParticlePhysics, ASFAP-WomenPhysics, ASFAP-YoungPhysicists yes
9 Dr. Gopolang Mohlabeng GopolangMohlabengBio Queen University, Kingston, Canada gopolang.mohlabeng[at] M South Africa Canada HEP, Astronomy and Cosmology Community engagement,
Particle physics, Astrophysics and Cosmology, Young Physicists forum
ASFAP-ParticlePhysics, ASFAP-AstroCosmo, ASFAP-CommunityEngagement, ASFAP-YoungPhysicists yes
10 Dr. María Moreno Llácer MariaMorenoBio IFIC, CSIC-University of Valencia, Spain maria.moreno.llacer[at] F NA Spain Particle Physics Medical Physics, Physics Education, Women in Physics, Young Physicists ASFAP-ParticlePhysics, ASFAP-MedicalPhysics, ASFAP-PhysicsEducation, ASFAP-WomenPhysics yes
11 Dr. Clara Nellist Radboud University and NIKHEF Clara.Nellist[at] F UK Holland Particle Physics, Physics Education & Communication Particle Physics, Physics Education & Communication ASFAP-ParticlePhysics, ASFAP-CommunityEngagement yes
12 Dr. Lawrence Norris LawrenceNorrisBio USA lnorris[at] M African American USA Bio-Physics Atomic and Molecular Physics, Earth Science , Materials Physics, Optics and Photonics, Theoretical & Applied Mechanics , Physics Education, Women in Physics Forum ASFAP-Biophysics, ASFAP-AtomicMolecular, ASFAP-EarthScience, ASFAP-MaterialsPhysics, ASFAP-OpticsPhotonics, ASFAP-Mechanics, ASFAP-PhysicsEducation, ASFAP-WomenPhysics yes
13 Dr. Uli Raich UliRaichBio CERN and ASP uli.raich[at] M NA Austria Accelerators, Instrumentation and Detectors, Physics Education, Computing small systems   ASFAP-PhysicsEducation, ASFAP-Instruments-Detectors, ASFAP-CompAnd4IR yes
14 Dr. Lydia Roos LydiaRoosBio LPNHE,CNRS and Sorbonne Université, France lroos[at] F NA France HEP, Nuclear Physics, Astroparticles Physics Education, Women in Physics ASFAP-AstroCosmo, ASFAP-WomenPhysics, ASFAP-ParticlePhysics, ASFAP-NuclearPhysics, ASFAP-PhysicsEducation yes
15 Prof. José Francisco Salt Cairols JoseSaltBio CSIC, Spain jose.salt[at] M NA Spain HEP/Computing & 4IR   ASFAP-ParticlePhysics, ASFAP-CompAnd4IR yes
16 Prof. Mourad Telmini MouradTelminiBio UniversitéTunis El Manar, Tunisia mourad.telmini[at] M Tunisia Tunisia Atomic, Optics, Quantum Physics, Molecular spectroscopy Quantum information, quantum computing, Capacity building ASFAP-AtomicMolecular, ASFAP-OpticsPhotonics, ASFAP-CommunityEngagement yes

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