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Date Hour ID Note
Thu 01/Jun/06 19:56 GG System in ALARM for weight variation. All loops open. STANDBY.
Fri 02/Jun/06 11:28 GG All loops at 1.65ba. All locked. m=30.6kg.
Mon 12/Jun/06 11:31 GG System found in ALARM. for weight variation. Reset 3 times and then reset locked for 1 hour. System reset with all loop locked and open one by one. Procedures updated.
14:34 GG During a RUN, leak alarm at m=21.9kg. Reset and STANDBY. All loop closed but loop 3 open.
Tue 13/Jun/06 14:28 SC System in RUN Mode, 28.6
15:24 GG System in RECOVERING after opening of all loop to avoid condensate on the sector.
17:02 GG m=29.35kg. All loop locked. Valve of the compressor closed manually and evacuated loops 3, 9 and 10. Evacuation with 4 ways valve and blue valve of leak tee closed (too high leak).
Wed 14/Jun/06 08:42 GG Current pressure is 0.6mbar, Q=1.5E-6mbar*l/s. Not good vacuum probably given by leak of valves in loop 1 (0.30ba vs 0.38ba of the other locked loops). He test of the out connections. Fairly good: problem with the leak tee.
09:41 GG Open loop 1. Pressure rise up to 4.9mbar.
10:08 GG Open all loops, two by two. 8.8mbar.
12:14 GG RD SM He test of the connection of loops 3, 9 and 10. On loop 9 and 10 Q< 1E-8 mbar*l/s, on loop 3 Q=8.55E-8mbar*l/s@0.7mbar. Accepted. All loops locked but loop 9. Compressor valve open.
14:07 GG m=31.0kg. RECOVERING
14:16 GG m=31.1kg. RUN with all loops closed @ 0.0ba but loop 9.
17:45 GG m=18.0kg. Liquid in the compressor. STANDBY and loop 9 closed. Pressure in loop 1 is 0.4ba, all the other is 0.0ba..
17:55 GG m=19.2kg. Still liquid in the compressor. Closed loop 10 to reduce the liquid level.
18:05 GG m=20.0kg. RECOVERING. Lower reached temperature on sector 1: 16C.
18:12 GG m=27.3kg. Open loop 10.
18:19 GG m=28.0kg. Locked loop 10, open loop 9. RUN. Loop 10 at 0.59ba.
18:28 GG m=23.1kg. Lower T is 8C: given by lower pressure in the vapours manifold after recovering. It is better to transit from recovering to run passing through few minutes in standby, to increase the vapours pressure.
20:16 GG m=19.0kg. liquid in the compressor. STANDBY. Loop 9 and 10 Closed.
20:37 GG With few recovering and standby, opening loops 9 and 10, reached m=28.3kg. Lower T was 13C.
20:41 GG Locked loop 10 at 0.5ba. m=28.6kg. RUN.
21:57 GG System recovered. Left in RECOVERING.
Thu 15/Jun/06 08:21 GG System found in ALARM for weight variation. Alarm triggered around 1.41am. Loops open and RECOVERING.
09:39 GG m=30.9kg. Locked all loops but 9, at 0.5ba. RUN
10:23 GG m=24.4kg. STANDBY.
10:55 GG m=26.6kg. RUN
12:23 GG m=22.0kg. RECOVER
12:24 GG m=26.8kg. RUN
12:58 GG m=22.5kg. STANDBY
14:13 GG m=25.9kg. RUN.
14:45 GG m=23.1kg. STANDBY
15:18 GG m=25.0kg. RUN.
15:54 GG m=22.6kg. STANDBY. Open all loops. RECOVERING. alarm for overpressure. Locked all and then RECOVERING opening the loops 3 by 3. Lower T 16C.
Evening GG Consideration on the local heater for the vapours manifold. Density of C4F10=1540kg/m3, distance between the vapours tubes= 15cm, distance between the last tube and the inlet of the compressor= 5 cm.
18:44 GG All loop sclosed but loop 9 @ 0.38ba. m=29.2kg. RUN.
19:13 GG m=25.2kg. STANDBY. Open loop 10. Two recovering and standby. RECOVERING.
Evening GG Consideration on the local heater for the vapours manifold. Density of C4F10=1500kg/m3, distance between the vapours tubes= 15cm, distance between the last tube and the inlet of the compressor= 5 cm. At the level of the pressure valve of loop 10 the difference of pressure when 140cm of the vapours manifold is full of liquid is of the order 0.21ba. This difference could be used to trigger heater. Due to the fact that the increase is of the order of 1.6kg/h per sector (with just an HS ON) and the evaporation heat of C4F10 is 85J/g, we need a power of 38W per sector. For 10 sectors, an heater of 400 W should be advisable.
Thu 22/Jun/06 all day GG MP Changed the recovering status. Now minimum preassure is 1.6ba= 14C on the sector. Recovering now without alarm for water leak in the tank. Other changes in discussion.
Fri 23/Jun/06 08:48 GG m=31.3kg after RECOVERING. Suggested recovering time: 6h. All loops closed. STANDBY. Start a little decrease up to 30.6kg. Liquid at 1.30ba, vapours at 1.29ba.
Thu 29/Jun/06 morning GG Problem with the weigth: PVSS software set his setting when it takes the maintenance away: this mornig it runs with all loops open and it goes in ALARM for weight less than 10kg. Extra pressure also measured in the liquid manifold (10ba!). This abnormal situation requested several resets. To boost the resuming, lock all the loops and set at high pressure the vapours setpoint. Then open the loop slowing.
15:02 GG RUN with the loop 4 open.
16:33 GG Alarm for weight variation. Actually, no hazard identified. Suspected noise. RECOVERING
17:21 GG RUN with only loop 4 open.
Fri 30/Jun/06 13:56 GG Open all loops and STANDBY for the WE.

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To July 2006

ID Name
GG Gianluca Guaglio
SC Simone Ceresa
RD Razvan Dima
SM Sandra Moretto
MP Miquel Pimenta dos Santos


Cooling System

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