TOF Nodes

DCS Computers (Windows XP)

3 DCS PCs (Windows) Alias Location Remark IP
alidcscom062 ( alitofdcshv) DCS rack in CR3 PVSS project tof_hv:71
alidcscom063 ( alitofdcslv) DCS rack in CR3 PVSS project tof_dcs:72
alidcscom064 ( alitofdcsfee) DCS rack in CR3 PVSS project tof_vme:74
alidcscom0XX DCS rack in CR3 Operator Node with tof_ui 10.160.xx.xx

TOF Linux computers

21 Slow Control PCs (Linux) Alias Location Remarks Installed name / MAC
alitofsm00 CR3-Y02 optical link to SM00 2006-09-14
alitofsm01 CR3-Y02 optical link to SM01 2007-06-22
alitofsm02 CR3-Y02 optical link to SM02 2007-06-22
alitofsm03 CR3-Y02 optical link to SM03 2007-06-22
alitofsm04 CR3-Y02 optical link to SM04 2007-06-22
alitofsm05 CR3-Y02 optical link to SM05 2007-07-20 00:30:48:78:03:66
alitofsm06 CR3-Y03 optical link to SM06 2007-07-20 00:30:48:78:03:FA
alitofsm07 CR3-Y03 optical link to SM07 2007-07-20 00:30:48:78:02:14
alitofsm08 CR3-Y03 optical link to SM08, two PCI optical-link boards suspect (link-0 & link-1) 2006-09-14 frown 00:30:48:78:02:18
alitofsm09 CR3-Y03 optical link to SM09 2007-07-20 00:30:48:78:02:46
alitofsm10 CR3-Y03 optical link to SM10 2007-07-20 00:30:48:78:02:9E
alitofsm11 CR3-Y03 optical link to SM11 2007-07-20 00:30:48:78:03:D4
alitofsm12 CR3-Y04 optical link to SM12 2007-07-20 00:30:48:78:02:A0
alitofsm13 CR3-Y04 optical link to SM13 2007-07-20 00:30:48:78:02:A2
alitofsm14 CR3-Y04 optical link to SM14 2007-07-20 00:30:48:78:04:8C
alitofsm15 CR3-Y04 optical link to SM15 2007-07-20 00:30:48:78:03:D8
alitofsm16 CR3-Y04 optical link to SM16 2007-07-20 00:30:48:78:03:D6
alitofsm17 CR3-Y04 optical link to SM17 2007-07-20 00:30:48:78:02:A6
alitoftrg CR3-Y02 SC Central Trigger 2007-06-22
alitofsrv CR3-Y03 SC Central Server 2006-09-14 00:30:48:78:02:16
alitofctrl CR3-Y04 SC Auxiliary Control 2006-09-14 00:30:48:78:03:F8


2 SY1527 CAEN Power Supply for HV System Alias Location IP / MAC
alidcscae0xx   CR4-Z02 1725/03-04 MAC 00-07-32-03-e8-2b
alitofcae002, alitofcaehv2 CR4-Z03 1725/01 MAC 00-07-32-03-E8-1F

4 SY1527 CAEN Power Supply for LV System Alias Side Location Remarks IP / MAC
alidcscae012 alitofcae003, alitofsylv0, alitofcaelv3 C I32 SM 0
alidcscae013 alitofcae004, alitofsylv1, alitofcaelv4 A I03 1806/01 Crates 00-02-34, 04-06-08, 28-30-32 00:0B:AB:0E:29:08
alidcscae010 alitofcae001, alitofsylv2, alitofcaelv1 C O32 4218/01 SM 8 00-0B-AB-0C-21-21
alidcscae014 alitofcae005, alitofsylv3, alitofcaelv5 A O03 1818/01 Crates 10-12-14, 16-18-20, 22-24-26 00:0B:AB:0E:21:47

TOF DRM cards

72 DRM Card (Linux ARM) Alias Location * IP MAC *Remarks
alidcsdrm0000 alitofdrm00 SM 0A-Right crate 00:12:5E:00:D5
alidcsdrm0001 alitofdrm01 SM 0A-Left crate 00:12:5E:00:C8
alidcsdrm0002 alitofdrm02 SM 0C-Right crate 00:12:5E:00:C2 Installed June 2007
alidcsdrm0003 alitofdrm03 SM 0C-Left crate 00:12:5E:00:D1 Installed June 2007
alidcsdrm0004 alitofdrm04 SM 1A-Right crate 00:12:5E:00:00:C9  
alidcsdrm0005 alitofdrm05 SM 1A-Left crate 00:12:5E:00:00:B5  
alidcsdrm0006 alitofdrm06 SM 1C-Right crate 00:12:5E:00:00:A4  
alidcsdrm0007 alitofdrm07 SM 1C-Left crate 00:12:5E:00:00:C3  
alidcsdrm0028 alitofdrm28 SM 7A-Right crate 00:12:5E:00:00:BF  
alidcsdrm0029 alitofdrm29 SM 7A-Left crate 00:12:5E:00:00:  
alidcsdrm0030 alitofdrm30 SM 7C-Right crate 00:12:5E:00:00:DE  
alidcsdrm0031 alitofdrm31 SM 7C-Left crate 00:12:5E:00:00:BD  
alidcsdrm0032 alitofdrm32 SM 8A-Right crate 00:12:5E:00:C9
alidcsdrm0033 alitofdrm33 SM 8A-Left crate 00:12:5E:00:B5
alidcsdrm0034 alitofdrm34 SM 8C-Right crate 00:12:5E:00:BE Installed May 2007
alidcsdrm0035 alitofdrm35 SM 8C-Left crate 00:12:5E:00:AA Installed May 2007
alidcsdrm0036 alitofdrm36 SM 9A-Right crate 00:12:5E:00:A0  
alidcsdrm0037 alitofdrm37 SM 9A-Left crate 00:12:5E:00:A7  
alidcsdrm0038 alitofdrm38 SM 9C-Right crate 00:12:5E:00:CF  
alidcsdrm0039 alitofdrm39 SM 9C-Left crate 00:12:5E:00:D7  
alidcsdrm0040 alitofdrm40 SM 10A-Right crate 00:12:5E:00:DC  
alidcsdrm0041 alitofdrm41 SM 10A-Left crate 00:12:5E:00:D3  
alidcsdrm0042 alitofdrm42 SM 10C-Right crate 00:12:5E:00:CF  
alidcsdrm0043 alitofdrm43 SM 10C-Left crate 00:12:5E:00:D7  
alidcsdrm0064 alitofdrm64 SM 16A-Right crate 00:12:5E:00:CB  
alidcsdrm0065 alitofdrm65 SM 16A-Left crate 00:12:5E:00:B9  
alidcsdrm0066 alitofdrm66 SM 16C-Right crate 00:12:5E:00:BA  
alidcsdrm0067 alitofdrm67 SM 16C-Left crate 00:12:5E:00:9A  
alidcsdrm0068 alitofdrm68 SM 17A-Right crate 00:12:5E:00:AB  
alidcsdrm0069 alitofdrm69 SM 17A-Left crate 00:12:5E:00:B7  
alidcsdrm0070 alitofdrm70 SM 17C-Right crate 00:12:5E:00:AC  
alidcsdrm0071 alitofdrm71 SM 17C-Left crate 00:12:5E:00:A5  

4 Ethernet Switch Alias Location IP Uplink outlet
alidcsntg070 alitofntg000 I05 1906/01
alidcsntg071 alitofntg001 O05 1918/01
alidcsntg072 alitofntg002 I30 4006/01
alidcsntg073 alitofntg003 O30 4018/01

Note: all devices connected in the network should have:

  • netmask
  • gateway
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